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As I have mentioned before, this site has been under a Brute Force attack for some time. I’m not really sure when this began but several years ago the whole site was deleted by the host because of corruption by hackers who use it for spam. For several years after that I had not front page and for several years after that I had only a front page. Now, I would like to do more with this domain and website.

So, the Brute Force attack continues. I have added greater security measures, limited access to things, and blocked IP addresses. My guess is, the most effective things to do are; Get rid of “admin” as an username; Randomize your username like a password; Randomize and lengthen your password; and require 2FA (Two-Factor Identification). While this will not stop the attacks, it will make it nearly impossible for the bots to get in. I say nearly because the real security is physical security. If I deny access to the site for everyone, including myself, by unplugging the machine, that should work.

The problem with the bot hacks is that they use up bandwidth, limit the legitimate users access time, and probably cause reduced SEO ranking (since I have virtually no SEO ranking now, it really needs to be discouraged).

I don’t want to mention brand names of software here because bots can pick up on that and report back. It will give advantage to those behind the bots. I have though, placed a firewall on the site and other software that limits attack capabilities, and even with that it continues.

If I find a way to make it go away, or at least reduce it significantly, I’ll post it here.