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This is a new beginning for the web-site. For those of you who know me, you know that Aquanuts used to be the dive center in Atascadero, Ca. We closed down at the end of 2007 but I have kept the site as my e-mail host and as a personal domain.

In 2008 I took a job with FPL in Florida working at a nuclear power plant there. There has been some water under that bridge but I am now freelancing and working nuclear contracts, mostly as a consultant or instructor but I can still do tech work.

I have a couple more domains that I am developing and I’ll post more on them as time goes on and development goes live. The site will be my personal blog where I will post on various things that I am dealing with along this journey.

To begin, I have moved all of my hosting to a new server, so everything is beginning new. I have some comments on the server search and some of my thoughts on the web development. I also have some comments about the spam bots that are consistently attacking this site, they suck and just cause me extra work, and seriously, if you want to look at porn, why are you looking here? We aren’t going to do that or allow it. There are plenty of opportunities on the web, go there for that.

If you want to comment on a post, I have made it so you need to log in first, damn spam bots. Even after a login, I will need to approve the comment. You can say anything that is true and not illegal. No porn, no spam. I get to be the judge, it’s my site. I may make more rules as I go, on the fly, and as I see the need.

More to come.